Getting Underway

I need to write more code. I also need to write more blog posts. As a result, I’m combining my efforts for my latest mini-project.

The idea: a small website with a few standard puzzle “templates”. People who tackle daily newspaper puzzles (codewords, sudoku, crosswords) can fire it up, quickly enter that days puzzle for their own personal use, then solve it more easily than with a pencil and paper using auto-complete, easy undo, and possibly some kind of hint system. I admit the idea is perhaps slightly flawed due to lack of overlap between daily newspaper puzzle tacklers and the kind of people who’d use a website to make daily puzzle solving more efficient. It should be fun to make anyway.

I want the interface to be nice and slick and efficient which will involve a lot of javascript (I have some experience with backbone.js, which I intend to use again). I’ve also scratched the surface of server-side javascript with node.js in the past, and would like to delve into it properly. To start with I think the server will just be used mostly to serve up some static content, which I’ve heard is not really node’s strongest point, but it has nice support for javascript tech in general (in particular coffeescript), and should be a nice easy way to get something up and running quickly. If it then expands out into something slightly more complicated, then having all the components in JS should save quite a few integration headaches. I doubt the backend will ever be particularly wild though, but if goes that way I’ll worry about that problem and potentially switching when the need arises. The posts will all be added under the ‘Puzzli’ category.